Just being reported that disclosures tribunal finds commissioner callinan ran a smear campaign on maurice mccabe...
The Disclosures Tribunal is “convinced” there was a “campaign of calumny” by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan against Maurice McCabe.
It found hat this was “actively aided” by former garda press officer Superintendent Dave Taylor.
Maurice McCabe was “repulsively denigrated for being no more than a good citizen and police officer”.
There is “no credible evidence” that Nóirín O’Sullivan played any hand act or part in any campaign conducted by Commissioner Martin Callinan and by Superintendent David Taylor against Maurice McCabe.
THE DISCLOSURES TRIBUNAL has found that there was a “campaign of calumny” against Maurice McCabe by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, that was “actively aided” by his press officer Superintendent David Taylor.

The Tribunal was tasked with looking into allegations that there had been a smear campaign against McCabe, orchestrated by senior gardaí.

It found that Martin Callinan told Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness that McCabe had sexually abused members of his own family.
So now what? Criminal charges should follow here and I hope mccabe takes these guys and the state to the cleaners.
Absolutely outrageous stuff.

Charletons conclusion says it all.
In investigating the calumny against him, other aspects of our national life have been laid bare. Within the pages of this report are detailed those women and men who have done their work well and who try every day, as police officers, social workers and administrators, to do their best. But not all. Not every person seeks either to uphold the highest standards or to strive for them through daily work.
The good get shafted while the honest suffer.