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Thread: Mueller's Investigation of Trump on the ropes.Chart the unravelling here (Second Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The OD View Post
    I impress my one year old nephew with playing the hide your face with your hands game. He gets quite excited by it.

    Trust me when I say, impressing you would take far less effort than that yet still, I wouldn't waste my time on it.

    Also, you made a bet that 'the plonker probably doesn't even live in the US', a bet you lost.

    Not my fault if the facts don't suit you.
    Jeez---"made a bet?" Pedantic much? Yawn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wagmore View Post
    Jeez---"made a bet?" Pedantic much? Yawn
    Yawn? Yes, the usual refrain when someone wants to downplay yet another idiotic mistake they made.

    No worries, I'm here all day to correct you, no charge to the intellectually challenged.
    Let's all raise a glass of frog milk to the ancient festival of Fargaltide!

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    Argument preview: Justices to reconsider potentially far reaching double-jeopardy exception - SCOTUSblog

    This unrelated case could have major implications for the Mueller probe. The plaintiff is asking SCOTUS to strike down the Separate Sovereigns doctrine, which allows an offence to be tried in both federal and state courts. NY has been considering passing a law to allow NY to prosecute figures pardoned by Trump. The US constitution has a double jeopardy rule but until now, SCOTUS has held that it only applies to not prosecuting the same offence twice within either the federal or state courts, and doesn't prevent it where one court is federal and another is a state court.

    If the complaint is upheld by SCOTUS, then Trumps pardon might apply at state level too
    Fair and Balanced

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    Quote Originally Posted by raetsel View Post
    Accusing someone of being dumb, and then proceeding, in the very same sentence to spell 'assume' with a second 'm' is not a good look..............
    WHo Maid u the GRAMMer NazI

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    Quote Originally Posted by owedtojoy View Post
    That is exactly the point - those interests do not coincide, especially when Putin wants to reverse the Cold War decision and re-instate Russian hegemony over its "near-abroad", just like the Soviet Union and the Tsarist Empire had. Putin will never accept that Georgia, the Baltic States or Ukraine can be American or EU allies.

    It is Putin's renewed Russian expansionism that is the threat. It is not even popular in Russia. The Russian people want to be respected, but not at the price Putin making them pay, while he enriches himself and his oligarchs.
    Are you really that foolish ?

    Russia does not want to restart the cold war.

    Russia did zilch in Georgia until Georgia decided it would attack people who have indicated they wished to be Russian ratehr than Georgian. It was US born President now a Ukrainian who did the damage.

    It has done diddly squat in the Baltic states even when they are openly discrimiating against people who speak Russian and have refused them citizenship even though some have lived there for 100 years.

    As for Ukriane well who spent all that money in Ukraine destabilising it, oh wait that was Victoria Nuland. Now it whos interests was it for US to so ? Remember she hates the EU and Russia so clearly it was in US interests.
    Why again did she want to do that as Ukraine is not in US backyard unless it was clearly designed to ensure US missiles could be brought into the Ukraine.

    Funny how Russia is supposedly destabilising things when it is direct US involvement and Russia is reacting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owedtojoy View Post
    NATO does not have bases on the Russian border - except in two of the Baltic States, which are part of the Nordic Zone, and that always had a border in Norway. It does not plan to extend them. Russia cannot be threatened by two small states with a few million people each - they are more threatened by Russia than the reverse.

    Russia lost the Cold War, and should accept the outcome.

    The rest of your post is based on credulity that Russia is run like a "normal" democracy, and not by a criminal oligarchy. The evidence is otherwise.
    If Russia lost teh Cold War then why is US rushing to get NATO into these countrys.

    NATO was founded to counter the Warsaw Pact, that ceased to exist over 25 years ago so why does NATO exist ?

    Russia has for last 20 years had less military personnel on its border than anytime in its history yet US wants to keep adding bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarshBuzz View Post

    He's invaded Chechnya (twice), Georgia, Ukraine and propped up several nasty movements in places like Nagorno-Karabakh. Not to mention executing former spies on foreign soil and having his goons shoot down a commercial airliner.
    Chechnya is part of Russia
    Georgian forces attacked separatists who were never Georgian in their history in 2008, Russia responded to requests for assistance and Georgian aim was to kill as many as they could get away with.
    Ukraine was destabilised by US, with Vitoria Nuland spending hunreds of millions and Ukrianian Govt spending millions to gain acces to Obama and HRC.

    As for executing spies.............. zero evidence it was Russian state, secondly every Major wetern state has done so and Mossad have openly indicated excecuting close to 3000 Israeli enemies across the world for decades.

    As for shooting down an airliner.......... perhaps looking at how US shot down an Airliner off Italy thinking Gadaffi was onbaord in 1970's might enrich your mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owedtojoy View Post
    So Obama is responsible for Russian hacking that never happened?

    How very Trumpian.

    FBI warns Russians hacked hundreds of thousands of routers | Reuters

    Mattis: Russia tried to interfere in 2018 midterms | TheHill

    The fact that the Trump Administration have taken no steps to protect US elections speaks volumes about the President's attitude.
    Obama in charge for US Presidential elections in 2016 so IF hacking happened then the ball was dropped on his watch, strange that Trump is blamed for incompetence of his predecessor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owedtojoy View Post
    Then it better pull in its horns and start acting like a good neighbour. Invading two neighbouring countries, and spreading subversion and murder in Western Europe is not being a "good neighbour".
    Invading what countries ?

    Oh wait these are 2 countries that declared war on the population living there and attacked.

    Funny how you in full support of NATO forces in Libya, Irag, Afghanistan and Syria.

    Putin just replaced all oligarchs who would not bow to him by his own selection. He is officially Chief Oligarch.

    Strange how West quickly grants assulym to thieves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wagmore View Post
    Ain't it funny how none of the haters want to talk about the dodgy FISA applications. They run like rats at the mere mention.....
    Because what they highlighting is how Obama and FBI broke the law using MI6 agent Steele in interfering in a US election.
    This is what they are scared of the public finding out.

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