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I think you're talking about the wrong topic, TBH.

Taoiseach slaps down proposal to ban people taking photos of gardaĂ­ on duty

It's nothing to do with the policing report - it was Flanagan's "shoot from the hip" announcement on SOR that he was in favour of making photographing AGS illegal only to be put back in his box by Varadkar in the Dail yesterday.

It's not a "private" opinion when you hit the national airwaves, it must be the responsibility of all Ministers to put forward "policy", so it's fair to assume that if the MoJ is on the public service broadcaster discussing policy changes that it's not his "personal" or "private" opinion.
FG have very strong authoritarian leanings and the Gardai's position in the State is always at risk of being changed while they remain in power. I am relieved at Varadakar's intercession though (even if i suspect a 'time is not yet right' reasoning behind it).