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Thread: Romanian anti gay marriage referendum

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    Quote Originally Posted by petaljam View Post
    I gather from various comments that Dame Enda is a little bit worried about the explicit anti-gay rhetoric from the US administration these days, but that he has convinced himself that they will be too busy removing rights from all the other minorities whose rights he wants to see removed to have time to do much against the LGBT community.

    Either that or - as a gay person who doesn't live in the USA - he thinks it's a price worth paying to see all those other groups being firmly put in their place. If he actually lived there, he might have a different take on it.
    It's called Ernst Röhm syndrome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barroso View Post
    Don't you think that it's a good idea for a referendum to need a certain level of support if it is to have validity?

    The alternative would be, for instance, that a measure with the support of say 10% of the population could become law because only 9% voted against it.
    You might think in that case that those who chose not to vote would have only themselves to blame.
    Repeal the 27th.

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    Surely all EU states, regardless of whether they have SSM or not must acknowledge such marriages for the purpose of freedom of movement within the union.

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