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Thread: Ireland warned property slump looming

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    Roddy Doyle depicts Ireland's homeless crisis in new film Rosie | World news | The Guardian
    Roddy Doyle hasn’t had a film out in almost two decades as the writer of The Commitments, The Snapper and Family has been focusing on his novels. But two years ago, Ireland’s laureate of working class drama heard a homeless mother in Dublin being interviewed on the radio.

    The woman was describing her day, which had been spent calling hotels to find a room for her partner and their five kids to spend the night. It was a process she repeated every day.

    Doyle put down the book he was working on and immediately started writing a treatment for Rosie, which opens in the UK on Friday.

    “She mentioned that her partner had not been able to help her [look for a room] because he was at work, and that really made me think. This was a perfectly functional working class family doing what society would like them to do – he goes off to work and she looks after the children in that traditional way. And yet the one thing missing was a home,” Doyle told the Guardian.
    With a bit of luck CEOs in London will think twice sending their employees over to such a country..

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    Dublin yesterday. Masked goons protected by Gardai.

    From what I understand of the law you are not compelled to comply with the requests of any unidentified person/s, person/s who may or may not be en route or in the attendance of any fancy dress party at any and all locations on this island.
    Fianna Fail - The Anti Democratic Party & The Anti Constitutional Party. Traitors of Irishmen and Irishwomen.

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