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Dec 5, 2009
The treasonous activities of this government and the Dail occurred at the time of the bank guarantee and the passing of the NAMA legislation.

WHY are these clowns in the Dail saying only now vehemently what the people were saying two years ago?

... "the Government had failed the people and today would be remembered as Brian Lenihan’s Black Thursday”

...the bill for this bailout will bankrupt the State. Why should we socialise the losses of the financial sector. Why should we inflict pain on our people for the unbelievable greed of bankers?”

... "No matter what language the Government tries to hide behind the fact is that the taxpayer will have to pay."

... “This Government has done more to ruin the future of this country in one day than any other group has ever done"

…The Minster has led Ireland on a trajectory of perpetual debt for decades to come.”

... he didn’t believe the Government had a mandate to carry it out.

The public outside of the realm of the state institutionalised mainstream media have been clearly saying the above for ages. Two years late, losers.

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