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Dec 24, 2006
What would your suggestions be, for bringing our situation to some finality?

1. Close Anglo, INBS and AIB by the end of the month,nobody will ever trust these institutions again anyway, transfer deposits (what's left of them) to BOI, PTSB and EBS, while i would feel sorry for the tellers , phone answers etc. the rest of them can hardly complain.

2. Hold the current and previous cabinet along with the senior civil servants, regulator , central bankers responsible for their actions, if necessary bring in retrospective laws by referendum, strip all the bankers responsible of their pensions and drag them throught the courts if they resist, it's at least 2 years to get a date in the supreme court, hopefully by then they'll be living out of a shopping trolley somewhere.

....I've more but help me out..........


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Feb 25, 2009
3. Bring in draconian legislation, make it retrospective to deal with our corrupt politicians
4. Establish a CAB unit, to specifically deal with assets acquired during their term in office
5. Remove all pensions and other benefits until the retirement age
6. If convicted of illegal acts lose everything


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Oct 14, 2010
1. Vote in a General Election for the same political class which presided over the whole affair.
2. Wait for the place turn into Somalia
3. Become pirates
4. Profit!!


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Nov 22, 2010
my first post so here we go.
Make every elected member of government play monopoly with their own
money and any property they own "including properties over sea's" to be faught over in a battle to survive with the overall winner left with nothing but the right to live another day with their ill gotten gains,in the magical and twisted game of (my own money! oh my god,what do we do now) roll the dice,you have done it before and on more than one occasion.let the game's begin it's just politics right ! or does it become real life when its your own possessions and wealth on the line or was it our wealth on the line,it could'ent have been irelands money they lost so easily,(rain check) it was so monopoly it is and thats getting off lightly,me thinks.


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Mar 10, 2009
ive allways been a big fan of guy fawlks
the only honest man to ever enter parliment

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