4 Year Plan to be published on Tuesday


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Feb 23, 2009
According to todays IT the 4 year plan will be published on tuesday

THE GOVERNMENT'S four-year recovery plan for the economy will be published on Tuesday, senior departmental officials have confirmed.
They also state the cabinet will agree on the final proposals and sign off on it tomorrow.

The Cabinet will meet tomorrow to sign off on the 160-page document,

Also interestingly

The official also said that private back-channel discussions have taken place for many months between the (IMF)fund and the commission.
Cabinet to endorse 4-year plan tomorrow - The Irish Times - Sat, Nov 20, 2010


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Oct 7, 2010
shameless bastards


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Oct 9, 2009
i wonder will this "glossly" reports suffer the same fate as
An Snip Nua
Commission on Taxation etc
Smart Economy
and all the other blather that is produced

unless it has EU/IMF sign off it will just become another doorstop


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Jul 26, 2006
I see that Mansergh has published his nomination for the Brass Neck Of The Century Award today.

Madam, – Your declamatory Editorial (November 18th) regarding the visit to Dublin of representatives from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, contains literary and historical allusions to all the struggles of the last 200 years, which are not as apt as might be assumed.
Probably neither the 1916 Rising nor the 1798 Rebellion would have taken place without the leaders being able to hold out some prospect of foreign military assistance (“gallant allies in Europe”, “the French are on the sea”). Indeed, Tone was captured off the Donegal coast wearing a French officer’s uniform. Both times, there was some speculation about the political price that might be exacted, a German prince, a French pro-consul.
“Was it for this the wild geese spread”, asked Yeats, the “wild geese” being those who served in continental armies with the hope of eventually and triumphantly recovering their lands and their freedom at home. In the final lines of the September 1913 poem, which are equally famous: “Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone. It’s with O’Leary in the grave”, Yeats arguably misread the situation, only three years before the 1916 Rising, though its leaders shared his fears.
We have taken our place amongst the nations, entered new forms of co-operation, and shared sovereignty, such as in the European Union and the euro zone. While all of us are deeply concerned about the extremely difficult economic situation in which the country finds itself, we have to be pragmatic and practical in our nationalism and republicanism.
We are not and never could be an isolated republic, and in an interdependent world sovereignty and self-determination are relative not absolute concepts. As such, they have neither been nor will be abandoned. If we are to secure them, we are likely to have to battle for them politically in every generation. As you point out, self-determination was a crucial element in the achievement of a constitutional settlement in 1998, but it was not a term in use in the time of the United Irishmen.
As the present experience particularly highlights, we have as a society to adopt a discipline that may not come easily to any of us, if we are to thrive as a democratic nation state within both the European Union and the euro zone. Despite some understandable hesitations, we should welcome the interest, assistance and solidarity of our partners and of other international organisations we belong to, and be glad of the friends that we now have, few enough of which existed or were genuinely able to help those who struggled in earlier times. – Yours, etc,
Minister of State,
Department of Finance,
St Stephen’s Green,
Dublin 2.

You could have just written, "We're sorry, we fu$ked the country up, sorry, goodbye", but no, he had to go for the flowery waffle.

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