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Jun 28, 2011
It could be that they found major structural problems during the refurb. Or some asbestos - which costs a bloody fortune to remove. Or the job spec may have been incomplete. There are myriad valid reasons why many refurbishment projects end up costing more than the estimate - anyone watching "Room to Improve" will know that!

Of course the problem with cute hoors like Mattie and Kelly is that they know all too well that regardless of the facts as soon as they launch a "more HSE incompetence/waste of public funds" headline into the ether, they'll get all the headlines and the free publicity and, no matter what the facts of the case may be, the HSE will be playing catch up - and losing!
It would be interesting to do a tally of all the capital projects that were procured by the HSE to see how many came in on budget - and if they didn't why they didn't. Something tells me that the overspend list would be endless.


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Jun 27, 2008
Classic joined up thinking here by the HSE, they have overspent 7M Euro refurbishing a hospital in Cashel with no patients and seemingly no intention to take on any patients. While just up the road in Clonmel the main General hospital suffers from chronic overcrowding and a severe lack of resources.

HSE 'overspends
Is anyone surprised when we here this sort of reckless spending? There is no accountability within the Public/Civil service, so expect this sort of waste to continue. There will be no one sacked for this and thats the problem, simple as!

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