A few simple practices prevent massive tooth decay from sugary foods


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Apr 11, 2007
The enormous consumption of sugary foods must be causing massive tooth decay and big dental bills. Yet none of my many dentists ever gave me advice on preventing such decay, probably because it would be against their financial interest in supplying treatments.

I figured out a few simple practices that saved me a fortune in dental bills. After snacking on any sugary food or snacks, I drink a hot drink to wash the sugar from my teeth. Usually, I enjoy sugary foods or snacks more with a hot drink. By the way, sugar is present in foods where you might not expect it, such as breakfast cereals.

If I'm not able to have a hot drink, I settle for a cold drink such as water as an alternative,rinsing my mouth.

Another important practice is to floss after each meal or snack. I carry a dental floss dispenser in my pocket.

As for brushing teeth, brushing many times a day can damage teeth enamel barring a very gentle brushing technique. Also, brushing teeth immediately after eating sugary snacks or even today's high sugar apples can damage teeth enamel. That's because the sugar quickly turns acidic in the mouth. However, brushing after a hot drink would be alright.

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