A suitable case for Concern?


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Jun 30, 2010
Those of you who are of mature years like myself may remember a much-loved BBC radio soap called Mrs Dale’s Diary. Its central character, unsurprisingly, was Mrs Dale, and she more than once opened an episode of the soap with the words “I’m worried about [my husband] Jim”.
Today, I find myself echoing Mrs D’s concern: I’m worried about Nelson McCausland.
It’s not Nelson’s physical health that concerns me, although those ruddy cheeks could indicate an underlying condition rather than fresh-faced good health. My concern is that Nelson is finding the surge in nationalism too much to bear, and his mind is buckling a little under the weight.
For example, in a recent newspaper column he does a Senator-Joe-McCarthy list of names which appeared in that letter, signed by 1,100 nationalists, calling on Leo Varadkar to establish a citizens’ assembly to look at the whole issue of a reunited Ireland. That struck me as eminently sensible, given that the question of the border, thanks to Brexit, is being more openly discussed than at any time during my lifetime.

Read on...…..http://www.judecollins.com/2019/11/nelson-a-suitable-case-for-concern/

Are unionist politicians now promoting a silence for all who dare to discuss and promote the ultimate solution to Ireland's problems?

Lumpy Talbot

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Jun 30, 2015
Probably been silenced by the vatican...

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