A Tribute to the Noble DDR


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Jun 19, 2006


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Apr 26, 2008
The DDR was much more than the regime itself. As I said, millions of new homes were built in a few years, thousands of factories and roads, a high quality of social and artistic life was achieved. This could not have happened without the love and commitment of the East German Workers. When I salute the DDR, I salute those Workers more than the ruling regime - though, without the Communist ideals of the regime, such wonderful achievements would have been impossible.
Have you absolutely no sense of proportion?

There were some things that went well in the GDR after the war, but that sort of drooling hyperbole is inappropriate, undignified and pointless.

Even if you were trying to make a political point (and if you have one it's not very clear), your breathlessness does not help to convince people.


May 7, 2007
People with an interest in the former DDR may be interested in a new book of travel writing published this week on the CreateSpace eStore (and yes it's a real, paperback book, not an e-book).

DDRüben - "Over There"
Travels in East Germany 1987-2010
by Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly, an Irishman, travels the length and breadth of post-Communist East Germany over 20 years and meets its people while learning German "on the fly" - with often hilarious results. This is a rare piece of Ostalgie travel writing in English, and essential reading for the English speaking visitor to the former East Germany and Berlin. A book filled with humour, quirky travel experiences, Ostalgie, Stasi and the ghost of an extinct state.
"DDRüben - Over There" (a play on the German word "drüben" meaning "over there", used by both West and East Germans to refer to the other German state.) is the former East Germany (DDR) seen from an Irish independent traveller's perspective and experience over almost a quarter of a century.

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