Abortion - Sham Fight between the DUPs Speaker Robin Newton and the DUP over Stormont procedures


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May 23, 2017
Listened earlier to the totally ridiculous "sham" fight between the DUP and their speaker Robin Newton on whether or not they can ignore stormont rules and set about doing something about the new abortion rules about to come in...

Good grief what a setup joke this was ... all part of their silly "oh look how hard we tried" stunt to play to their own voters that they did their best .. even fell out with their own speaker :rolleyes: ffs .... its so transparent..

its worth listening to it on talkback ...it really is sad as fuk .. they might fool some of their own but anyone who this does fool "really" is a fool

and the SDLP have made another idiotic mistake by even being there (even though they eventually walked out) .. of which the only purpose was try and embarrass the shinners in some way .. it was a pointless and stupid mistake.

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Jan 16, 2013
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