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Admiral Somerville's megalithic orientations and Ley Lines

Malcolm Redfellow

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Sep 29, 2009
Well, the proper name in my title is history: retired Vice Admiral Henry Boyle Townshend Somerville was assassinated at home in Castletownshend, on 24 March 1936. We've dealt with that, to the point of tediousness in threads involving Tom Barry. I'd suggest we leave that aspect to rest undisturbed.

Can we focus on the other words in my title: megaliths (more history) and ley lines (which — I'm sure — don't qualify as true 'history', but I don't know to which other thread this question could be connected).

I hadn't realised that Somerville had done useful work on the orientation of megalithic structures, and had published learned papers on the topic.

I see elsewhere that Brian Lacey of the Discovery Programme did a paper on Somerville for the Mícheál Ó Cléirigh Institute in UCD and apparently is re-working stuff on and from Somerville.

So to the question: does anyone have anything further on Somerville's archaeology? If so, is it available on-line?

As for the ley-lines …
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