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AIB CEO is being hounded


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Jun 20, 2007
AIB chief executive David Duffy looks set to make a substantial profit by selling his mansion on ‘millionaires’ row’ inSkibbereen, west Cork.

The beautiful eight-bed extended period home with tennis court, gym, hot tub and barbecue terraces also comes with extensive river-front land and two guest cottages.

There is planning permission for a boat house.

David Duffy bought the house for around €3m in 2003 from technology tycoon Leonard Donnelly.

The house is likely to sell for between €4m to €5m.

- Nick Webb

Inside the luxury west Cork home of AIB boss that could fetch €5m on market - National News - Independent.ie

AIB chief may bank huge profits from sale on millionaires’ row - Irish, Business - Independent.ie

David Duffy has got nothing to with the bank crisis, he is the fireman brought in to douse the fire at AIB and trying to keep the doors open, what happened was not on his watch.

Maybe the Indo should hound other bankers and regulators who should carry the blame, perhaps investigate their main owner's borrowings at Anglo and his cosy relationship with Seanie Fitz but David Duffy does not deserve this type of attention into his private dealings, unless he gave them the story to advertise the house.


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Aug 27, 2009
unless he gave them the story to advertise the house.
The story is in no way whatsoever negative and the pictures are clearly identified as having been provided by the estate agent. So what do you think?


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Jun 11, 2007
Muise - as me granny used to say :)


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Feb 19, 2007
am in the only one that thinks it looks a bit naff ?

lovely on the outside but some serious interior design mistakes inside.

only about two of the rooms look good to me. what im guessing is the den with the stone chimney and the office and even theyre not the best.

ya'd think he could afford a better sense of style :D

also for the life of me i dont get what the obsession is with tennis courts amongst this class.

swiming pools FTW.

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