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Alternative G8 Summit


Jan 26, 2008
The 39th G8 summit will be held in June 2013 at County Fermanagh, perhaps posters could use this thread to post news on events & meetings about alternatives to the G8. Posted below is some info from RSF:

Republican Sinn Féin will be holding an Irish Anti-Imperialist Forum as a counter to the G8 Summit in June. The Anti-Imperialist Forum/Republican Alternative to the G8 will take place in Belfast on June 14 and 15. The forum will discuss all aspects of imperialism both in terms of British imperialism in Ireland as well as the new imperialism of the EU, ECB and IMF as experienced by the people of the 26 Counties. Delegates from international anti-imperialist organisations will provide a world perspective.

It is intended as a forum for political and community activists from throughout Ireland and abroad to discuss the various political, social and economic aspects of imperialism from both an Irish as well as an international perspective. Such a debate can be used to chart a way forward towards building an Irish and international alternative to the neo-liberal political and economic policies of the G8 and other trans global imperialist organisations.


President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton said:

“In Western Europe, Ireland is one of the few countries to suffer the effects of both the old and new imperialisms. In the Six Counties an abnormal and undemocratic statelet continues to deny even the most basic of civil and political rights to those who even voice support for the right of Ireland to national independence whereas in the 26 Counties the new economic political and imperialism of the troika of the EU/ECB/IMF is engaging in a wholesale attack on the Irish people in order to bailout the discredited and failed EU project."

“That is why the decision of the British Government to bring the G8 Summit to Fermanagh, in British-Occupied Ireland, provides an opportunity to draw international attention to the role played by the two imperialisms in Ireland.”

“On June 14 and 15 Republican Sinn Féin are holding an Irish Anti-Imperialist Forum as an Irish Republican Alternative to the G8 in Belfast. The forum will be a platform for discussion and debate for anti-imperialist activists from Ireland and abroad to discuss alternatives to the imperialist world order as represented by the G8 group of states.

“Delegates from abroad will provide an international perspective and allow Ireland’s struggle against twin imperialisms to be viewed in its international context.

“Imperialism is trans-global so consequently it is important that progressive and anti-imperialist forces have a strong international dimension also. In Ireland we must consider the political, social and economic effects of imperialism and how we fight back.

“This involves considering every aspect, from building a radical and effective trade union movement to harnessing the energy of the many community activist groups and organisations in support of building a New Ireland based on the principle of the 1916 Proclamation.

“If the words of the Proclamation: ‘We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland’ are to mean anything that New Ireland must be a true political, social and economic democracy.

“The issues facing Ireland today are many and varied from control of our resources, the attacks on the health, education and ability to care for our people must be resisted if future generations are not to be condemned to live with the dark legacy of the EU/ECB.IMF troika. The Stormont and Leinster House political class have betrayed the interests of the Irish people to Westminster and Brussels respectively.

“We are calling on those interested in contributing to the debate on a New Ireland to join us in Belfast on June 14 and 15 and begin the process of building a network of solidarity among all peoples striving a New Ireland and a better world.

“Culminating with the annual Wolfe Tone commemoration in Bodenstown on June 16 it will be truly a weekend suffused with the spirit of anti-imperialism.”

More details of the Anti-Imperialist forum will be released over the coming weeks.

IAF - Irish Anti-imperialist Forum - Home

The Seven Signatories Manifesto - YouTube


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Sep 6, 2012
“In Western Europe, Ireland is one of the few countries to suffer the effects of both the old and new imperialisms.
Jesus that guy is a moan with a bad case of the "poor mes"


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Feb 3, 2013
I am sure that I had planned to wash my hair on those dates

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