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Jul 16, 2009
Recently Amhran Nua held meetings with democratic reform, the Irish democrats and the irish liberal party with a view to possible co-operation or amalgamation.

The initial points made included that none of the other parties had any real policies, support or experience, and they all said they would be happy enough to join AN as long as the name was changed.

It was suggested that control of AN and policies be handed to an executive committee.

This wouldn't be acceptable or fair to AN members if an axe were taken to our extensive body of over three hundred well researched policy points after that.

Democratic Reform (Frank Chaney) stated that he could not join any party which would run MEPs, so he bowed out after being told that wasn't something we could offer.

The Irish Democratic Party had two major issues, one with the party name and the other with our focus on instating a party list system like 99% of the other countries with proportional representation.

AN felt trying the risk of perpetuating parish pump politics as per their policies (including abolishing the office of Taoiseach) was the exact opposite of what the country needed, they decided the ideological differences were too great.

The Irish Liberal Party are effectively a Libertarian group, and in fairness they gave the most thorough going-over to our policies.

After discussions on the ins and outs of the way that we are a non-dogmatic group who cannot sign up to liberal policies alone, but will also use instruments from socialist policies (whichever tool is best for the job), again they decided the ideological differences were too great, despite being 90% in agreement with our policies.

One example was that nationalisation of any industry was not acceptable the ILP, which flies in the face of our telcos policy.
We also are looking at public private partnerships in relation to renewable energy projects and the renegotiation of the Shell gas deal to create a real stimulus package.

So that's the upshot, we have to say it was a genuine pleasure to be dealing with people who were doing more than sitting around crying about things, and having passed on much of our experiences over the last year and a half, We hope they will be better equipped than the other dozen or so small parties and groups which have appeared and vanished over that time period.

Our expectation is that the ILP and IDP may merge in the near future.

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