Amhran Nua Dublin meeting


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Jul 16, 2009
Amhran Nua Dublin meeting Weds 8th

We're organising a meeting for the Dublin group this Wednesday afternoon or evening in a central location, probably Messrs Maguires in Burgh Quay.

The agenda for this meeting will be:

1. A brief introduction and general discussion.

2. To set up the Dublin regional group for Amhrán Nua.

3. To elect officers by show of hands for the regional group, these will be as follows:

- A Group co-ordinator and orientation officer.

- A Treasurer, to whom all donations and funds will be sent, and from whom all funds will be disbursed, with at least two group co-signatories for every disbursement. The Treasurer will also be responsible for accounts and the publication of donation sources, and and the assignment of any anonymous donations to a charity.

- A Secretary.

- A Chairperson.

- A Media and Communications Officer.

- Regional representatives who may stand for election.

4. To agree on a schedule of events, activities and meetings over the coming weeks.

5. The transfer of flyers and other party material to the officers of the group.

6. Any Other Business.

If the time or location doesn't suit, send an email to and we will be able to arrange a followup meeting at a later date to organise things further, or if nobody can make Wednesday we'll reschedule entirely.

Apologies for the short notice, but events are moving quickly now, and we must move at a similar pace.
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