An Educated Working Class - How Much of a Threat to The Status Quo?

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Sep 18, 2015
There are agreed trade rates for tradespeople and virtually nobody in The BMW Region earns anything like them!
This is correct.

But loads of tradesmen go out on their own and earn a lot.

Sweet Darling

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Jan 2, 2017
The internet has opened the eyes of the working classes to how the political gangsters have been treating them. For that reason the establishment wants to shut down free speech at all costs as we can see happening at present with Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter etc...all shutting down voices that don't agree with the establishment group think. Worrying times.
Not really They use it to see how the Kadasheins are doing or sticking up a selfy of themselfs with daffy duck pouts. and the lads use it for porn and laughing at the pikies on utube

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