Angela Merkel takes on populists as she seeks fourth term in 2017 election 


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Jun 5, 2015
She is a major supporter of the current trend which is to return Western societies to a king of 'benevolent totalitarianism' (though it actually is not benevolent).

Germany planning to

They are planning to put creepy facial recognition technology into CCTV and are making a calculated assault on the sacred privacy inherent in medical and insurance areas - which if abused could be extremely harmful to ordinary people but profitable to insurance companies, in addition they are limiting German people's right to know what data is being collected about them.

I truly hope she is put out to pasture at the next election, even though that won't stop them.

While in the UK which is becoming a very strange place these days (last week they outlawed 'unconventional sex acts' in porn) the Government has passed a law giving any arm of government (from firemen to health inspectors) the right to examine the browsing history of anyone in the country.

This beautiful internet, they plan to turn it against the people. The inventor of the WWW Berners Lee called the UK Govt move 'dark dark days'.

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