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Aontú - Ireland’s newest political party

Degeneration X

Well-known member
Jun 14, 2017

"Asked about the party's stance on migration, he said Aontú welcomed immigrants from war-torn regions or areas affected by famine as well as economic migrants."

Toibin setting the record straight?

Round tower

Well-known member
Feb 9, 2011
Does the Aontu candidate in your area have a shot at election?
They were supposed to have a candidate run in the Ballina election area in the Mayo LE but when the candidates who were nominated theire candidate was not 1 of them.
Ginty who was a independent councillor joined the party but anounced he was not standing.
May 1, 2019
Aontu, Sinn Fein without the Abortion attachment. Sinn Fein is Gaelic for ' Ourselves Alone' or 'Ireland First'.
A Republic is an ancient Greek concept of political democratic rule ,by the People ,for the People.
How can a Republican Party support Open Borders Mass immigration, Rule by and Laws from Brussels, surrender of Currency and economic autonomy.
Aontu and Sinn Fein live on a different planet called Delusion.

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