Appeal to Green supporters


Feb 4, 2003
Following on from Labour and FG appeals,
who don't really need them, I thought I should ask all Green leaning people and Green supporters on this site to go to their polling station on Friday and vote Green, especially for Patricia McKenna and Mary White, two brilliant politicians who have done and or will do us proud (again) in the European Parliament.

Sadly this election has been hijacked by those who wish to see elections more as entertainment and to crush real debate and therefore the Greens.

But don't get disheartened. The Greens are the only true European force in Ireland or collectively in Europe. Only the Greens will stand against the other parties who don't have the courage or the conviction to fight for what is right, to fight for a Europe that protects its citizens in terms of causes of cancer and countless other diseases, stress, status anxiety, job security, real defense provision in the face of terrorism that knows no borders.

Your only choice this election is the Greens if you really want to protect your future!

Please, vote Green.


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Feb 17, 2006
If only the less well off were able to figure out how much they had been shafted by the Greens/FF road tax amendments, compared to the well off.

I reckon that was about four times worse than this house tax thing.

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