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Are Dublin Zoo's animals better cared for than many of our disabled Children?


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Oct 17, 2012
I am watching a documentary on Dublin Zoo on RTE at the moment. The impression conveyed is that hoardes of Keepers and medical specialists shower care on all the animals to check their teeth, massageing feet, feed etc, swimming pool etc.

It appears that every whim of the animals is catered for! RTE also shower the Zoo with coverage.

Many Irish parents must wait 18 months to have a Child accessed for autistic spectrum disorders, or other special needs diagnosis despite a HSE target of 3 months. Of course the longer diagnosis is delayed the more money is saved.

Many children must wait for 2 years to access limited speech and language therapy services, even children who are practically non vocal.

Meanwhile hoardes of wildlife rangers are recruited to count frogs, bats and birds, as well carry out wildlife protection, while the Garda presence in rural Ireland is being massively reduced.

It is time to shut down the Zoo and stop keeping wild animals in captivity!



I wish my local vet was my GP , open longer and better equiped and cheaper too


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Jun 16, 2011
I wish my local vet was my GP , open longer and better equiped and cheaper too
The vet that my dogs visit can analyze a blood sample in 15 minutes whereas muggins here has to wait days while my blood tests are sent to the lab for analysis. I also watch the zoo on RTE 1 and the animals are very well cared for. Ideally I would like to see all "wild" animals actually roaming in the wild however many of these creatures are endangered species and if it weren't for zoos and breeding programs they would be extinct.

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