Are Government-Aligned Independents Now the 'Scabs' of the Dail?


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Nov 22, 2009
Looked at another way, they are the bravest of the brave.
The Government parties more or less have to take on and stick with the responsibility of Government, whether they like it or not.
Not so with our good friends the independents, they can either see the tough job through or walk away to the applause of the mindless, for doing so.

Up to now they've stood firm with only one, who is thinking more of himself than the country, leaving the ship.

It would have been easy for the rest of them to walk away, but so far they've stood their ground and they deserve praise for that.

Will they get any praise...will they f..k and they know it, but still they stay.

Sound men, the independents.

Spoken like a true pay-master.

You would class them as scabs?


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Oct 8, 2009
When the election is launched, and it will be soon. I will be holding Michael Lowry responsible for supporting this despot government over the last two years.
My suggestion is that people put up signs banning canvassing by FF, Green and Independent supporters of the government.
The people want an election and the likes Mr Lowry is preventing this for naked political capital for himself and his constituents. Believe me Mr Lowry you will not be topping the poll the next time out.!!!Just go, for gods sake go!!!
10 cents against my left nut you're wrong on that one. Lowry will top the poll and knows it and his selfish electors do not care about the country but only their little part in it. They are the worst voters in the country. Whilst every TD supporting the Government in the next election, even those half-hearted and are now preparing to jump ship, will be decimated, there will be no consequences for Lowry. The people of North Tipperary are a disgrace.

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