Are many of you interested in joining far-left parties?


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Aug 2, 2006
I got a copy of Michael Brennan's article in The SBP today in Blanch library.

I was hoping it would be more explosive. A lot of it covers issues a lot of us would not be surprised to hear.

One quote:

"The former member of The Socialist Party complain that there is a "three-way split" between the established leadership, a group which wants to reform the party and a small group which supports the position of the international Socialist organisation (CWI) based in London".

I don't want to type up anymore of the article as it's a pretty sad as in depressing story.

I would be surprised that the 8 public reps. of the Socialist Party in Ireland (3 TDs and 5 councillors) would be prepared to be "against" and willing to leave the CWI, their international organisation. The CWI have existed since the 60's I think and the SP in Ireland/formerly Militant Labour have been a component organisation of them for decades. The Irish contingent of the CWI is and has been for a long time the strongest national branch of the CWI e.g. the 5 councillors the SP have in Ireland is 5 more than the SP/CWI have in England, Scotland and Wales so it's a bit rich of SP/CWI heads in London to be complaining about what their Irish members are doing.

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