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Nov 19, 2010
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I just weep for this country.

Cowen has to go and all his pack of culchie scumbags accolytes.

But what do we have as an alternative?

Enda Kenny?

Eamon Gilmore?

Gerry Adams?

John Gormley?

Joe Higgins?


Nov 23, 2010
It might have been interesting if Cowen had ever understood that he was Taoiseach. He seems only to have ever seen himself as leader of Fianna Fail rather than Taoiseach of the country, as shown by his bizarre party political attack on Fine Gael and others during the Lisbon 1 campaign. As leader of FF, he grabbed a chance to attack. As Taoiseach, he scuppered the entire campaign, leading us into the state we now find ourselves in. Bertie Ahern was a disastrous clown, but he understood he was more than just the leader of FF. Cowen lacks even Ahern's imagination.

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