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Feb 7, 2012
The newly-formed 'Asgard 1916 Society' are set to host a commemorative event to remember the landing of 'The Asgard', a yacht owned by Erskine Childers which arrived at Howth, Dublin, on 26th April 1914, with 1,000 Mauser rifles and ammunition onboard. The weaponry would in time be used in the Easter Rising two years later.

Subsequent and in response to the landings, which were supervised by the then Irish Volunteers and assisted by Na Fianna Éireann, the British Army killed four unarmed civilians at Bachelor's Walk in the city. The victims will also be remembered on the day and as part of the commemoration.

Join us at the East Pier in Howth on Sunday 24th July at 2pm, in tribute to those who landed the Asgard and to the victims of Bachelor's Walk. Wreaths will be laid and guest speakers from the 1916 Societies will address the gathering. A Colour Party in period dress will also be in attendance for what is sure to be a fitting commemoration.


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Nov 27, 2009
I'm really delighted that I invested part of my retirement lump sum in a business that supplies commemorative wreaths to all comers! Every time that I blink another commemoration pops out of the undergrowth. (Even if this particular example is a couple of years late!)

Our turnover to date this year has been simply unbelievable! If this keeps up, then the missus and I will have to seriously consider moving to Malta for tax reasons. I wonder if we could charter the Asgard to ship all our stuff across.

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