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Perturbation Theory seems to be catching on?

Sleep well.



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Better to have a bit of a clean out first....


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Very nice.

I find this one to be quite relaxing.


Lumpy Talbot

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Jun 30, 2015
Such fun you could have by inserting a loud bang in the middle of long relaxing sound mixes. Nervous people clung to the ceiling plaster all over Ireland by their fingernails.

Ellen Ripley

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Feb 5, 2014
If Calc's whispering lady and her pencil didn't do it for you and you're still counting sheep, try a stroll at the speed of light from our closest dead star through our planetary system.

If the Moon were only the size of a single pixel...

It's engrossing and relaxing, as most models and graphics don't give a real indication of the indescribably vast emptiness of space, and the distance between planets, never mind the rest of the Galaxy.

(You can scroll through if you're impatient, but to get a 'real' idea of the infinite emptiness which is beyond the our minds, use the Light speed option (or the bus) and stick with it )

To think that every single particle that ever existed in the Universe came from one infinitesimally tiny singularity, without density or volume...
Some of you will have seen it before but it's always good to have one's mind boggled, puts things in perspective.

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