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Sep 3, 2009
...After Sharing Prison Cell With Christian Inmate

An atheist rapist has complained that his human rights were breached by having to share a prison cell with a Christian inmate.

Barman Steven Relf, 40, was jailed indefinitely after admitting raping two women he targeted when he served them drinks in a pub.
Atheist Rapist Claims Rights Violated After Sharing Prison Cell With Christian Inmate - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News - FOXNews.com

Luke McFadden

Oct 29, 2010
There are many people with many beliefs or with no beliefs in society, ranging from occultists to evangelists, to Islamists to JuJu men and the nature of human discourse is that people converse to either consolidate or to challenge their own ideas ... that's normal, a fundamental of human psychology ... does this guy think that in a cell with another man they should talk only about the weather or Man U's chances of the premiership this year? If he'd have spent some time using his brain and working on himself he'd have grasped some basic essentials of human existence in a civilised society. In many other countries he'd have been hung for what he done as a matter of course ... He has already had his human rights honoured by not having his neck stretched ... he should spent the rest of his days counting his blessings.


Well-known member
Jun 13, 2007
Sounds more like he was just driving him mad with his God bothering talk. Would do the same to me if I was confined with someone of that ilk.
Sep 5, 2009
I have to admit that the worst company I ever had was when I landed up with a Burn Again Christian as a neighbour in London. That woman could hang out the washing, mow the lawn, and make a 4 course meal whilst reading the bible. Then she would blast out horrendous Cliff Richard hymns, and twirl round the garden like a dervish. I spent my whole time there on my knees, not praying, hiding behind the fence or the curtains so she wouldn't spot me and haul me in for a "Praise the Lord" session as she called them. Nightmare.

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