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Aug 2, 2006
This is a social media topic so I will post in this forum.

I remember when I was in Cork-based Gael-Taca I had a chat with the guy who is charge of the GAA national website. He said that they wanted a bilingual Irish-English website and were going to get an automatic online translator for the site. I said that I thought that there was unfortunately no such thing. Since then though Irish is now one of the 55 (I think) languages available on Google translate but is not available as an option on their blog widgets.

I have come across this site recently though. The site is available in all of the 55 or so languages available on Google Translate and is powered by them. The online Google Translate page is very plain but I have contacted them asking them to forward me on the contact details for the relevant person(s) in Google Translate so that I can use the service for other sites.

This is great for multiculturalism. All websites should have the service. In Ireland Foras na Gaeilge, who I am going to call about it, could contact businesses suggesting that they use the service given that from their point of view Irish is one of the languages available for translate.

Google Translate should continue to add to the languages they have available to translate. Hopefully the service that the above linked site have is free. That way if the marketing is done (currently there is none I think in Ireland anyway) use of the service should prove popular. Even if there is a fee involved large businesses should still use the service.

I am in a good mood now after finding out about this service. If the service is developed and marketed the service Google Translate can provide will be priceless.

This is again great for multiculturalism!!!

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