Bank Bondholders - Just who are they?


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Oct 1, 2008
I believe they can. I also believe any serious investor would not put a cent into either. Bobert reckons that FF are just stupid, but I think this goes far beyond stupidity. Some very rotten going on. Look at everything that went on with Anglo, FF did everything they could to keep it afloat, its a bank with not one ATM in the country. Its not even a bank, its a property hedge fund. The same is going on with the other banks.

Even before the scandals broke in Anglo, I was told by some financial people that a number of banks had lent money to "high net worth" customers to buy shares and prop up the banks shares.....
Isn't it the case the the Regulator more or less told Anglo Irish to go on fix themselves up? There were fairly serious issues in Allied Irish too.


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Dec 1, 2010
Bondholders are international money men some describe them as gnomes of zurich but they are seriously rich there names are rothschild they control over 50% of the world wealth yet they dont appear on any rich lists they have caused wars for their own profit dont believe me google them for yourselfs these are the people behind the state ireland is in

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