Banking scams targeting business

Aug 6, 2007

Even Facebook and Google can get caught out..... with a potential €100 million hit.

'It's impossible to run a business' -

This one was where a cheque book was stolen from the post and cheques still being attempted to be cashed.

Must admit worked with a number of businesses who now insist that Cheque books, bank cards or anything like this will ONLY get picked up in branch by a designated authorised user with photo ID.

It seems every week there is an email supposedly from a supplier claiming that they have changed bank accounts and pay the money into a new account. Know someone who

The 'bogus boss' email scam costing firms millions - BBC News

This is the urgent email from the CEO insisting on money needing to be paid. It does get through.

Met someone where transaction was legitimate but he refused because he was suspicious, she almost lost her job until she gave Internal Audit a call. They saw things differently.

Mum partied in Ibiza after stealing £100k from company - which is now in liquidation - Birmingham Mail

In many cases the employer cannot recover when it loses a lot of money.


Apr 19, 2017
Everyone will be a victim of scam even to our personal bank account these people was penetrated and I believe they are protected.

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