Best Music / Live Music Events of 2015


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Dec 21, 2007
Best Music Releases of 2015 for me

Battles - La Di Da Di
Their best album to date IMO. Dosen't have anything instantly catchy like "Atlas" but intensely layered and a really rewarding listen. Especially tracks like "The Yabba", "Non Violence", "Dot Com" and "Summer Simmer".
Looking forward to seeing them touring the album at the Button Factory in March 2016.

Tame Impala - Currents
Has 4 or 5 tracks which are certified classics like "Let it Happen", "The Moment" & "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" but theres some duds in there too. A complete departure from the intense psychedlia of "Innerspeaker" and "Lonerism". Less guitar and more disco/synths.

Grimes - Art Angels
A far more mainstream album than the classic "Visions" ( 2012 ). Lacks that album's arty inventiveness ( think Kate Bush doing electro pop ) IMO but still an overall great album. Strongest track is the sublime "REALiTi" but has other high points like "Venus Fly" and "World Princess Part II".
Way more pop than her earlier stuff. Some of it could be Katy Perry. This album will undoubtably bring her much more mainstream success.
Her gig at the Olympia next March will be one of the must see Live Events of 2016.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live in Paris
A double album of BRMC live at the Trianon in Paris. Features some of their best work from the last couple of albums "Spectre at the Feast" and "Beat the Devil's Tattoo". An excellent live experience, although I think their Live in London DVD of 2010 is a more intense, powerful performance.

Live Events

I didn't go to a lot of Live Gigs in 2015 but the best for me was Battles in the Cosby Tent at the Electric Picnic, Tame Impala on the Sunday Night of EP, Parquet Courts, Metz, The War on Drugs, MS MR & Blur.

One I would have liked to see but missed was St Vincent at the Iveagh Gardens, although I saw her before a couple of years ago.
I also missed FKA Twigs at EP. Someone I would love to have seen.


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Jan 16, 2013
I discovered this and thought yis should know about it, it's Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols interviewing other artists. Good crack...


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