BREXIT: the general forum (Second Thread)


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Apr 24, 2019
I see A lot of the usual begrudgery going on in the media towards Ian Bothams elevation to the House of Lords from some those who have still not accepted the referendum result. They are calling it cronyism by Borris to high profile Brexit supports , do these people not know how these things work and always have worked.

Beefy will make a great Lord and is a far better choice than many over the years.

Good also to see Bercow been overlooked , he will be seething , which makes it all the better. Most partial speaker ever.
Who hasn’t accepted the result at this stage? Our British friends will be leaving at the end of this year and good riddance to them.


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Oct 7, 2011
I think Botham would make an excellent lord because he comes across as thoroughly reasonable fellow who has done a lot of good work over the years for charities and voluntary organisations and will bring common sense to the chamber, nothing to do with Brexit.

As for Bercow the main requirement of his job was to be impartial , the fact that he was not undermined democracy and the HOC and was it was right that he was not rewarded for that.
Well the only surprise about Botham was that he had't got one already but in any case-can you give us an example of Bercows partiality?

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