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British defeats in the Northern Ireland conflict


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Jan 16, 2010
Let's start a thread about defeats of the crown forces in the Troubles conflict. Not successful bombs and murders but actual battles where both sides were ready to engage in armed action and one was forced to withdraw from the field.

Operation Conservation:

Sixteen British sections lie in wait to ambush the IRA legends, but they were discovered and engaged by Provos.

"In military terms, it was one of the IRA's finest attacks in South Armagh. They picked out the COP team in the most exposed position. With hindsight, it was the one weak link in the operation and it says something for the IRA's tactical and field skills that they identified that fact before we did."

The IRA spotted crown forces setting up concealed positions and got the lads out and attacked.

The IRA quickly engaged the British forces and fired many rounds, killing the leader of the enemy section. The British army had been rumbled and was forced to withdraw.

Force Squares Laundry: the IRA received information from a tout about the headquarters of the British MRF undercovers and quickly ambushed the HQ, the ridiculous mobile laundry service and the massage parlour, shooting multiple British soldiers and forcing the MRF to disband their terrorists.

My uncle in the 70s saw his very first full gun battle between the PIRA and the british army and other security forces, 1 PIRA man died that day, but in that gun battle that lasted what seemed like well over an hour 3 british soldiers lay dead and 1 RUC man.

Now these battles happened on quite frequent times in Creggan, and the IRA members were took out in ambushes and also sometimes the brits got the same medicine, tit for tat so to speak. but he witnessed some bad very harsh gun battles in his youth, so don't you sit there and try and say say he didn't see what he seen cause things like them never leave your mind.

He use to play football and he would see the masked PIRA mean get into position down at a football pitch called the matchbox, the brits and ruc came walking down the street and he would watch the brits run, but he always remembered 1 of them falling back and lifting his head up once and dropping it back to the ground again as his 'Comrades' dragged him behind the landrover.

So i guess that was one of theirs laying out on the slab that day, the reversed the landrovers they were driving back and left they area and he seen on the news later that night the british soldier had died from that.

So what is your input into successful battles fought by the IRA? This is a historical thread.

between the bridges

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Sep 21, 2011
7th September 2005, Sir David Healy scored and the Green And White Army went fvckn mad....


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Oct 15, 2011
The GFA great escape when the IRA got all their POWs out of Brit prisons in the six counties and in England etc- a Brit Para today has to face court for the people he Shot on Bloody-Sunday in 1972-

The Brits can neither fight or negotiate it seems-