British flocking to Ireland to avail of generous social welfare


Feb 27, 2010
What goes around come around ...

For the latter half of the 20th century, many Irish took the boat to get employment and avail themselves of the better social services in the UK.

Even rebellious young men got suspended sentences or had cases dismissed on the promise that they would "go to England, your Honour". The mad, the bad and the sad all end up in the UK.

English who protested were dismissed as "racists" because we were only getting our own back for 800 years of oppression ... etc etc.


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Jun 24, 2004
But other people, by way of irregularities, have worked the system. There is know-how within families and from what I've seen I'd say the whole family cooperates. I don't think it's that unusual in some circles.
I think you have a general point there - a lot of people "learn" one thing from their families and that is how to work the system. There is a huge amount of red tape and a lot of people don't claim due to ignorance or fear. Plus they come back sometimes with ridiculous questions - for example I once spent 3 months on JSB in the UK and I recall when I applied, despite putting down I was single, I was asked "where is your husband?"

Its not always just cooperation but they help each other fill forms, tell them where to go, who to talk to. Its not always intentional abuse but it does sometimes explain why entire extended families are often welfare-dependent. In some cases its a way of life, a mindset.

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