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Mar 12, 2009
British Spooks to give engineered evidence against Martin Corey

Statement from the Committee for the Release of Martin Corey , Sinn Féin Poblachtach

26th November, 2010

Martin Corey has now been held as a Political Hostage for 7 Months, during his time incarcerated the British Government has yet to issue Martin with an acceptable reason for his detention, stating only a generic "Risk to security" mantra.

Earlier this Month (November) Martin was due to attend a Commission hearing, he waited in his cell for a long period of time before being told he would not be attending and the Commission Hearing would commence without him, they stated he was a security risk and could not attend the area of the Prison in which the meeting was being held. A closed session was held and to date Martin does not know what was discussed. It is quite obvious now that as Martin was not allowed to attend a Bias meeting was held with no recourse for Martin to Defend himself.

A further meeting will take place in early December, again Martin is not permitted to attend. During this meeting an SAS (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) Man will give evidence against Martin, this is the first time ever the SRR have taken part in any such meetings. The SRR Agent will do this concealing his indentity. The SRR are active in the Occupied 6 Counties, keeping watch on Republicans.

Martin Corey is being held a political Hostage solely because he is a Republican, and it is now evident that he is the victim of British Spies and engineered evidence.

To Highlight Martin's Internment a Public Meeting will Take place on 4th December, 2pm in Kilwilkee Estate. We ask that as many people attend as possible.

A Public March has also been scheduled for January 23rd,at 2pm in Kilwilkee estate, with Full route yet to be disclosed.
It is very important that people take to the streets for Justice.



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Sep 13, 2008
Agreed...thread closed!
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