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May 7, 2007
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Its looking ever more likely that the current Dail will be disolved before the Tribunal reports on Bullion Bertie's possible undeclared income & his associated tax status.
Is it possible, under current legislation, that Bullion Bertie could actually be elected to the next Dail without having obtained a certificate of tax clearance for the current one?
If this is indeed the case, then he could be a member of two Dail (plural?) without being in compliance with the requisite terms & conditions regarding his taxation status.
Surely that would be contrary to the 'spirit' of the relevant legislation.
Or is there legislation preventing money magnet Bullion Bertie from getting away with such a stroke?
As the Revenue Commissioners have effectively abdicated their responsibility in this matter, it is surely incumbent upon the Dail Committee (with responsibility for such matters) to seek a judicial review of the Revenue Commissioners 'decision/action'.
I realise that the ZanuFF members of the relevant Committee would oppose any such action but this is a great opportunity for the opposition members to further embarass our flawed pedigree Government.
Then again, that would take balls & at the moment SF seem to be the only party prepared to utilise theirs.
I suppose i'm wasting my time & energy bothering to even post such a possibility.
As far as ZanuFF are concerned, at all costs the show must go on.

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