Can the Orange state be reformed? Can Ulster Unionism be normalized?

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Feb 13, 2008
They ruled big chunks of England, Scotland and Wales for centuries - conquest and enslavement and oppression of the locals.
What chunks of England? I also thought the idea of an Irish colony in Wales was only a theory?

The peoples of the island of Britain (especially in present day England) were conquered and ravaged by almost everyone in Europe in the first millenium A.D. (Romans, Germans-Danes, Scandinavians, Danes again, Norman-French).

The main scourge of both our peoples was the Vikings during this period, these were the Berber pirates of their day.

Which is my point.

What goes round comes round.
Strange how Scotland is proud of that legacy though, such as Iona. What came around in the 16th-19thC was much, much more savage than the occassional raid (raids which Britain also launched on Ireland from time to time during this period) or Dal Riata, there is no evidence Dal Riata was anything more really than a friendly alliance between peoples, which benefited Scotland greatly in the long run.

To the guy who mentioned 1641 (again), the planters had been introduced to Ireland with the expressed wish of James I that they should change that land and make a good Protestant obedient citizenship for him here and secure it for Britain, it was a part of the wider long term attack on Ireland but the alternatives to Jacobitism were so much worse many Irish embraced their 'celtic' king in Britain. The event of 1641 was also preceded by threats of invasion and genocide from Scotland over a dispute Charles I had with his non-episcopalian Protestant subjects and a threat to use Irish troops against them.
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