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Jun 9, 2008
This guy should be left alone to wipe himself out if he's this stupid:

A CASE of Facebook triggering asthma has prompted warnings about the psychological dangers of social-networking sites.

Doctors in Italy reported on a depressed 18-year-old who was dumped by his girlfriend and then saw her picture on Facebook.

The shock brought on an asthma attack, which was repeated each time he logged on and accessed his ex's profile.

The boy's ex-girlfriend had deleted him from Facebook, while "friending" a number of new young men.

Adopting a new nickname, he succeeded in covertly becoming one of her "friends" again and was eventually able to see her picture.

When a psychiatrist persuaded the teenager to stay clear of the site, the attacks stopped.

Warning as Facebook blamed for jilted boy's asthma attack - Latest News, Health - Independent.ie


Nov 28, 2009
Why was he dumped in the 1st place ?
Did asthma have anything to do with it ?
Did she flirt before ?
Did he have a history of depression ?
Did he have a cold ?
Does he just need a slap on the back ?

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