Central Bank issues €15 commemorative coin


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May 5, 2009
That's one way of looking at it, but they're still ripping people off. In Canada you can walk into any bank or post office and buy a full troy ounce(31.1g) silver Maple Leaf, with a metal content worth the equivalent of €17 today, for about €19, which covers the cost of the design and minting process as well as a small premium.
The coin you link has a real silver content of 16.65g. That's €150 for 166.5g of silver. In Canada, you would be paying €102 for the same amount. If you want to invest, you're not just going to buy in such low quantities and no real investor is going to buy German silver when then can get it for 32% less elsewhere.
Seemingly, European nations are less inclined to let the general population own precious metal at a reasonable price.
€19.06 for the Canadian maple leaf here: Buy Maple Leaf 2011, 1oz Silber, Canada, 31.1 Gramm, 999 / 1000 at CoinInvestDirect

They have reached their limit for shipping to Ireland though

Bill D Gallows

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Sep 10, 2010
The Central Bank has today launched a €15 commemorative coin. The limited edition €15 silver proof collector coin honours the first coins created by the Free State in 1928 and depict an Irish hunter horse pictured alongside it's foal. The coin was designed by Emmet Mullins and is a modern interpretation of the half-crown coin designed by Percy Metcalfe.

Coin designer Emmet Mullins pictured with the commemorative €15 coin. Photo by Jason Clarke Photography

The coin is the first in a series of three coins to be produced between now and 2012. Commemorative coins to come will feature the salmon and Irish wolfhound.

The silver proof coin will be available to the public from tomorrow and will cost €36, only 15,000 coins have been produced.
Will probably cost the taxpayer 30 Euro per coin.


Jun 4, 2009
I commend this Budget to the house

[ and how many times has the Celebrity Minister of Finance got it wrong since then!!!!!!!!!!!!

idle tim

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Mar 19, 2010
Just bought one and there is also a 7 euro postal charge, fairly expensive overall but confident it will be worth double in 10 years time.
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