Chinese Professor Speaks: the USA is Going down!

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Aug 24, 2009

Could the USA be going down? What appears strongest military power on the planet, could be on a path to irreversible collapse. The ruling elite in Washington D.C. have committed a number of strategic errors(under the Clintons), uncontrolled immigration, outsourcing, pandering to financial crooks, and introducing social policies into their military which have undermined its efficency.

Could the USA be going the way of the Roman Empire?
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Aug 13, 2006
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Could the USA be going the way of the Roman Empire?
No. State accepted Chinese intellectuals, like Russian ones, time and again fail to grasp the fundementals upon which the US and Western systems are based. They cannot examine and study them in deapth and can deliver nothing like an honest opinion. Their analysis is pandering to the whim and ego of autocrats in Beijing and petty nationalists that might throw a few quid their way.

The actual comparison is this; modern Western nation state compared to traditional nationalist supported entities. The reality that authoritiarian regimes are less prone to change does not automatically infer that more flexable systems are more prone to collapse.

By Chinese (and even Russian) standards every four to eight years the US regime (and hence nation) collapses. A change of government is the end of the state in the terms recognised by Beijing. If it were not so the Beijing government and the CCP itself did not maintain that line, it would at a stroke remove the reason and justification for their existance. It takes a dangerous level of delusion to maintain a political system in which so much truth is accepted, yet never spoken. That speaks of the need to maintain strict censorship within China, and in that tightly controlled environment intellectualism is itself supressed.

A Chinese 'intellectual' who is born, raised and educated in a system that has no net-immigration and allows no input from ordinary people (like him) has the inside track on what weakens America? Nonsense in the extreme.

The Chinese communist party is the only game in town and they are the chief crooks.. unless there is another reason why all the sons and daughters of Communist aparachiks are millionaries?

Secondly the Chinese military is perhaps the greatest internal threat to the Chinese government should the government ever experience any 'change'. Why is social change within the US military affecting is efficiency? Its capabiltiy is way beyond that of the Chinese army as it is and homosexuals already serve in the US army, if not openly. So we can assume that a partly gay army is still better than a streight Chinese one. But given the massive disparity in gender births in China the 'gay' tidal wave will be a rather funny come down for traditional chinese academic and social homophobia.

On the subject of imminent and growing gender imbalance aswell we might also consider the need for net inward immigration into China. Thats going to be interesting to watch. How will Beijing react to a massive influx of African brides for instance? It will be hard to keep a lid on racism and its African investments intact at the same time.

On so many levels this Chinese intellectual is deluded. But hopefully he is not the norm amongst Chinese academic thinkers because his thinking is anything but intellectual. It is profoundly the opposite in fact. What he has failed to grasp is that the West, in terms of sociopolitical development is perhaps 200 years ahead of China. If we wish to analyse China in those terms we need only open our history book to the period of European history, circa 1780 to 1830, when nationalism, rapid economic expansion and authoritarianism went hand in hand to produce defacto imperialism.

In an era of globalisation Chinese intellectuals cannot look to Chinas past for guidance. They should instead look to European history. But under the strictures of ethnic based nationalism they cannot because the very act of examination of foreign history that is parallel to current Chinese modernity would infer criticism or that change in China is imminent.
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