Christianism - The Islamism of Christianity?

The Field Marshal

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Aug 27, 2009
So, why should I believe you (Someone on the internet) and reject the statement of the Vatican ?

Are you a new Pope or the next one ?
As I said to you Vatican statements must always be understood in context,

The context you quoted is limited to relations between catholics jews and moslems.

They are not doctrinal definitions.

If you want to know the truth concerning God you must study the doctrinal definitions of the roman catholic church on the nature of God as adumbrated over many centuries and many council definitions.

vatican 2 was explicit in stating that no new definitions would be made.
It was an entirely pastoral council and refrained deliberately and openly from pronouncing any new dogmas.

The Holy Trinity remains the one true God.

All other gods including those of the Mohamedans and Jews are false or defective.


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Sep 12, 2011
The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is entirely implicit and understood from the words of Jesus in the 4 gospels.

This revelation was understood by all the apostles from the very beginning and constitutes probably the most importent component of Christian Revelation.

If God wished to conceal certain matters from Adam that is Gods business.
Not yours and not mine.

I have nothing to repent of.

Your the guy worshipping/defending the false man made god of the Mohamedans and the outdated defective god of Jews.
I finally understood it . Thanks for your help.



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Jul 21, 2011
Since Jesus was clearly gay(ref the disciple he loved, living at home at 33 etc) and travelled around in the company of Friends, it's quite obvious that the only path to salvation, based on sound scripture and theological investigation, must be as a gay Quaker.
To argue anything is to fly in the face of both reason and faith, and is therefore denying the true nature of God, which is clearly sinful in the extreme.

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