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CIE and Student fares


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Oct 8, 2009
I was just checking on their website to see the price of a single to Belfast on the Enterprise. The cost was €5 Child, €10 Adult and €20 Student! I thought this was a typo but my son told me that today he was getting a bus from Newbridge and asked for a "student fare". The driver asked him if he wanted a €2 or €3 fare. He said he wanted a €2 fare and the driver said to him "don't ask for a student fare then". I find that incredible.


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Jan 26, 2007
Oh and to get the Student fares for certain Bus Eireann and Irish Rail routes, you used to have to buy a €15 Student Travelcard at the start of the year - despite the fact all students are issued with a student card when they start college.

The wonderful, crazy world of CIE eh?

This country sickens me.


With CIE the reason is that the €10 fare is the prebook adult price. If you turn up and buy a ticket on the day its €40+. However, if a student turns up at the last the price is €20.

With Bus Eireann, the reason is they are mad. I remember 10 years ago the bus from Limerick to Shannon was €5 for a student or €4.99 for an adult.
Yeah, a fifteen minute drive.
It costs €9 now for student return.

I hitch now. Stupid motorway expansion.