Coffey accuses Halligan of `jumping on the bandwagon`


Sep 3, 2010
Really good news that Portlaw is at last getting a new fire station. But all is not well in the land of leather.....

Apparently John Halligan has sent letters to people in Portlaw claiming credit for getting €175,000 allocated to build the new fire station. Paudie is naturally unhappy with Halligan trying to steal his thunder in his home town.

But I have to agree with Paudie on this one. Halligan is clearly a pure opportunist with no substance.

Undoubtedly Paudie did have an input, but is that not his job? a job he is paid handsomely to do? Paudie mentioned in his PR that `the current premesis is not of the required standard and does not meet current health & safety legislation requirements`. Anybody that knows anything about Health & Safety knows that once a risk has been identified, it must be remedied as soon as is reasonably possible to avoid possible litigation in the event of an incident.

The arguement could be made that a new fire station had to be built eitherway due to the above.

Could it be a case of both of them jumping on the bandwagon to varying degrees?

Plus if it took Paudie 13 years to get €175,000, I hope the people in Portlaw aren`t looking for anything else in a hurry:lol:


SR: John halligan td for waterford got a letter for you in my letter box this morning about you assisting in funding for portlaw fire station why would you take praise for something you had nothing to do with as you do with other matters in portlaw my husband was in portlaw fire station 10 years ago when Paudie Coffey our local td starting working on this matter did you mr halligan even know where portlaw was then?

Paudie Coffey: Thank you SR for outlining the position on this - politics is a dirty game but I never thought John would try a stunt like this - of all the issues I've ever worked on this is one I've pursued all of my political life and the unfortunate thing is I could only deliver it 13 years later ie when my party got into government.
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SR: Well Paudie Coffey better later than never as with alot of other issues In portlaw i know you have worked very hard on and waterford city aswell im afraid anybody that would believe mr halligan had anything to do with firestation in portlaw or waterford really need their head examined and im afraid you dont need those negative people behind you

Paudie Coffey: i i managed to negotiate and secure the site for the new fire station in Queen Street as far back as 2002 - since then Portlaw fire Stn has been neglected by successive governments - I managed to bring Phil Hogan Minister to Portlaw over a year and a half ago to see for himself the problem and he assured me of his support for the new Stn then - I do know John Halligan was approached to help a few months ago but that's as far as his involvement went ie making a few reps but John Halligan was also to the fore in holding populist public meetings asking people NOT to pay household charge and property tax - this is the very money that pays for public services like fire stations and fire services and if he thinks Minister Hogan rewarded him for that then he is delusional - in fact his public meetings as we found out just cost people that listened to him a lot more in late pay penalties -anyway I'm delighted that finally the fire service will get a station befitting its great service here in Portlaw irrespective of others jumping on the bandwagon at this stage
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Paudie Coffey Have a read of this...

Minister makes visit to Co Waterford - - Now Ye're Talkin' - Now Ye're Talkin'

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DRC: Paudie, you mean the "household charge" which went to pay unsecured bondholders? much like the water and "broadcasting" charges will? This Tuesday 23 Sept, We Pay a Euro 50,000,000 UNSECURED EBS Bond to an UNNAMED Holder, how many fire stations would that pay for? I am sure there is no need to remind you of FG manifesto for the last general election,so next time you are around Portlaw I challenge you to count how many people in their 20's remain in the locality from before fg/lab took office (on a bed of lies) to now, and how many families have said goodbye to children, brothers and sisters. Quoting that thread on just highlights the fact that fg are afraid of being asked questions.
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Paudie Coffey: DRC this discussion is about a specific topic and a political stunt

The qs you are posing are a matter of public debate every day so ill be brief in my response

Fg/lab did not cause this mess but we will fix it

If the gov followed your theory the cuts to balance the books in our country would have to be made in one fell swoop resulting in a wrecked economy like Greece with far worse consequences for everyone.

Btw im around Portlaw all the time and involve myself, work for and support many voluntary and community groups for the betterment of the place we live in.

This is SR`s page so ill be making no further comment to you here.

Tony Soprano

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Mar 2, 2010
coffey is could ANYONE think john halligan had ANYTHING to do with this??? coffey delivered on this occasion...


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May 11, 2010
Is the Halligan chap now publishing doggerel, have I read somewhere? Poet Laureate of the Déise!!

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