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Community organisations and paramilitary groups in East Belfast call for an end to rioting.

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Oct 20, 2012
Quite a positive development - In East Belfast today, according to the 9 o'clock news on RTE, 41 (mainly community) groups (including three paramilitary organisations) from East Belfast signed a document calling for an end to rioting, as it was damaging to their community, not promoting any cause, and asserts that dialouge is the way forward.

Now, if THIS, along with forecasted snow, does not stop the riots, then the PSNI will have to seriously toughen it's act, or else request assistance from the British army to crush these riots - it is benefitting no-one in Northern Ireland, it is earning the ire of Nationalists and Unionists alike, and it is, quite frankly, a farce that has dragged out for FAR too long.

I apologise for starting another "Fleg" thread, but I feel that this deserves a mention, as it shows that Unionists in general are no more happy with these riots than Nationalists are.

/MOD/ There's a big thread on this here: http://www.politics.ie/forum/northern-ireland/204474-they-havent-gone-away-you-know.html /MOD/
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