Competition for National Lottery as LottoLand Enters Market - Bet on 28 World Lotteries.


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Sep 21, 2007
Lottoland site goes up against National Lottery in Ireland

National lottery is worried, retailers are worried.

Both of them say they're worried about good causes !! , but I think another group will be worried about 'good causes' - politicians.

If Lottoland takes off, and a good chance it will take a good chunk as it allows players to bet on 28 world lotteries including Powerball in the USA, then the Irish lottery will have smaller jackpots and less and less will play, that will be the end of the good causes largesse.

Having taken a look at the site, it seems a professional setup and a much more interesting offering than the Irish lottery.

Don't know why anyone would bother with the Irish lotto to be honest.

The Gibraltar-based operator, which is headed up by Betfair’s former Irish manager Graham Ross, offers consumers the chance to bet on the outcome of 28 big state lotteries without purchasing an actual ticket for the draw.

If a player hits the right numbers, Lottoland pays out the equivalent prize money as if the customer had a ticket for the draw.

To cover major payouts, it takes out insurance policies with companies including Lloyd’s of London.
Mainstream national lotteries claim so-called secondary lotteries such as Lottoland erode their ability to generate funds for good causes.
RGdata’s Tara Buckley said.
“This has huge implications for how people play national lotteries and I make no bones about the fact that they are a huge threat to retail agents selling legitimate tickets that do deliver funds to good causes,” she said.


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Oct 7, 2009
I have a life.
If I ever bought a ticket I'd say this is great it?


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Nov 17, 2012
Welcome to mobile internet technology....

The millennials will just wonder what all the fuss is about....

I'm sure some of the younger generation were betting on Cheltenham on their mobiles today in work?

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