Conserving Water


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Jun 4, 2010
What the Irish Government should do is set up some kind of national water company to manage the supply and make sure everyone is doing their bit to conserve it. Maybe a small charge per household too.


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Feb 19, 2005
The interesting thing about rain is that there is no guarantee of rain. In theory it could never rain in Ireland again, that is possible. The absence of rain does not create a potential for rain to fall in the future. Multiple droughts can chain together.

As an island we need to take water conservation with the utmost seriousness, things are going to get worse and probably faster than we realise, droughts will get worse and population will grow.
Or look into:
a) improving the water supply network to eliminate waste owing to leakage
b) other methods to provide for growing need for water, such as desalination
c) legislation for water conservation methods as a requirement of new and existing housing stock
d) all of the above

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