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Jun 13, 2010
Cork 32CSM Highlight PSF Double Standards.

In last weeks edition of the Cork Independent, Cllr Chris O' Leary of Sinn Fein called for “a charter of rights for tenants" who are housed by Cork City Council. There is much merit in this proposal but Cllr O' Leary’s attention needs to be drawn to a different view expressed within his party. As a new member of Sinn Fein (having spent years with the Green Party) Cllr O' Leary should focus on their inconsistency in policy regarding their repeated claim of being an all Ireland party.

Cllr O Learys counterpart in the occupied 6 counties, Sinn Fein MLA Caral Ni Chuilin, has been busy urging the Housing Executive to evict any tenant in Belfast who has been identified as being involved in resistance to forced sectarian marches. On July 12th this year, nationalist residents in the Ardoyne area of Belfast staged a peaceful sit down protest against the Orange Order march through their area which triumphantly celebrates sectarian murder.

The protest remained peaceful until the RUC/PSNI started beating nationalists and started firing rubber bullets at head height. This provoked the youth of the area to the defence of their fathers, mothers and grandparents and the RUC/PSNI got their wish of confrontation with nationalists.

Gerry Kelly was also quick to encourage evictions on this basis. Ironically in 1997 following intense rioting in the same area around the same date, Gerry Kelly spoke out and said “it is clear that the only thing the Brits understand is Force". Sinn Fein has yet again failed the nationalist people living in "flash points" who they claim to represent and have left genuine republicans to pick up the pieces time after time.

We hope that Sinn Fein correct this inconsistency between areas north and south of the border and be true to their slogan of “An Ireland of Equals”!

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