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May 2, 2007
With the confirmation that Jim O'Keeffe is retiring and everyone believing that PJ Sheehan will follow suit, FG now have no candidates lined up for an election that could be only a matter of months away.

So where does that leave the next election?

FF weren't a million miles from taking the second last time out. However, with national polls as they are, surely, they are too far back? That said, in the Local Elections, their vote held up remarkably well in Bantry and Skibbereen; only in Bandon was the national decline replicated.

FG having lost two personal votes will struggle to get enough for two seats. Jim O'Keeffe has stated that although his son is interested in going into politics, he doesn't want to yet (he is 24). And who are their likely candidates - Jim Daly and Noel Harrington seem up for it, but it leaves the east of the constituency wide open.

What about Labour? Does the fact that neither FG or Labour is now likely to run a candidate in the Bandon/Kinsale area increase the pressure to run Gearoid Buckley instead on Sen Michael McCarthy. Should they even run both?

And the other parties? They are generally written off, but the Greens and Sinn Fein managed 12% between them in 2007. That is a nice number of votes.

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